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Our vision is to be the leading international source for mentor, coach and leadership training.

Our focus is mentoring, coaching, leadership training, emotional intelligence assessments, and social innovation. We are engaged in the "relentless pursuit of intelligent growth." All of these mandates are about "People Helping People."

Our philosophy:
  • We believe in the connectivity of others to spark learning, growth, mutual support and creativity in leadership.
  • We recognize the intellectual capacity of others and that together we are stronger through mentor and coach processes.
  • We embrace technology as the leading edge of what is becoming a "new" set of mentor and coach strategies.
  • We know that, with the right training and skill development, both effective and affective, the human potential will exceed expectations and consistently seek out new horizons.
Our actions include:
  • the dynamic development of web presence;
  • technical connectivity (e-training and support);
  • extended efforts to embrace the human relationship;
  • challenges to the human growth potential;
  • training in mentor, coach and leadership strategies;
  • commitment to respect and integrity; and,
  • a passionate pursuit of intelligent growth.

Mentors, Coaches and Leaders Move From Knowledge To Wisdom
See the "Big Picture". Mentors, coaches and leaders, when trained in both effective and affective strategies, empower and inspire individuals and organizations for better bottom line results and still maintain the human aspect of doing business. There is a significant critical balance between competition and cooperation. Awareness is only at the knowledge level. Mentoring, coaching and effective leadership can "move people from understanding and knowledge to experience with wisdom."

Action Steps:
  1. Peruse Peer Mentor.net to see a list of available resources and support programs.
  2. Access the free online information.
  3. Access free e-support for members of Peer Mentor.net
  4. Choose membership in Peer Mentor.net to gain deeper access to numerous mentor, coach and leadership support services, newsletters, articles, annotated bibliographies, etc.
  5. Obtain accreditation in Mentor, Coach and Leadership Training.
  6. Contact us for a more extensive list of resources and training programs.
  7. Inquire about a free start-up consultation.

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