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Your CV is of utmost importance during the application process. It gives you a chance to promote your knowledge, skills and past experience to potential employers. Internships at large firms can often be extremely competitive, hence, an excellent CV that is neatly laid out is essential in these cases.

Use “CV Centre” (link provided) to have an expert give you a free CV review (book a 1:1 call with an expert to get the most out of this service). Having experienced professionals look over your CV and give you feedback is the best way to learn what you need to change in to stand out from your peers. CV Centre also offers you the opportunity to have a professional write your CV for you at a cost. This can be beneficial if you are not sure on where to start with your CV, or you are struggling with making your CV stand out from your peers.

Use “Oliv Academy” to take a free course on how to write your CV. If you are not sure on where to start with your CV and you don’t want to pay someone to write it for you, this is the perfect place to start. On this course you will watch a series of videos informing you on the information necessary to write an excellent CV.